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Government Contracts

Staffing Solutions of Hawaii serves as the access point for Employers to request security type placements in the military, government, and private sectors that require Department of Defense (DOD) clearances.

If your organization presently has a statement of work they would like to be quoted on, simply contact:

Lisa Truong Kracher, MBA
Staffing Solutions of Hawaii
Phone: 808.949.3669

Request Employees for Contract Work
Has your company been awarded a government contract? Staffing Solutions of Hawaii can help you locate qualified personnel with Department of Defense (DOD) clearances. We conduct initial interviews, complete reference checks, administer computer-based testing, and process Department of Defense (DOD) clearances.

We provide online access to government contract information, such as: contract ordering details, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order through GSA Advantage!

Get connected to government contracts through Staffing Solutions of Hawaii.
Staffing Solutions of Hawaii Capability Statement (pdf)

Honolulu jobs

Schedule Title: Schedule 736 - Solutions and More (SAM)
Your Source for Recreational, Hospitality, Law Enforcement, Facilities, Industrial and Environmental Services and Products
Contract Number: GS-07F-0169N
Contract Period: December 1, 2002 - Current
Minimum Order: $100.00
Maximum Order: $100,000.00
Geographic Coverage:
(Delivery Area)
State of Hawaii only

Employee Quote:

I applied with SSOH because I noticed that they have a lot of positions available. I enjoyed speaking with a staffing recruiter about my background and specifics on the types of assignments I would like to accept. I learned a lot of what SSOH offers and was pleased to meet with the whole staff!
Arlinda – Honolulu, HI










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